Turkish dance workshops

Turkish dance workshops

Turkish Roma (gypsy) dance

Celebrate the passionate and dynamic rhythms, movements, and spontaneity of Turkish Roman/Gypsy dance. Distinctive steps and sinuous movements will provide a base for exploring ornamentation, layering, and expression. Learn the meanings and role of gestures, experiment with a wide range of musical moods, and develop some powerful gypsy “attitude”.  Teaching level: Multilevel, some dance experience recommended (novice through advanced levels)

Turkish style: Oryantal and Roma dance

Compare  the earthy Turkish style of Romani social dance with performance-oriented Oryantal stylings. Learn distinctive moves and phrasings that complement the sensuous and expressive qualities of Romani music, and  innovative approaches used by Oryantal dancers. Teaching level: Multilevel, some dance experience recommended (novice through advanced levels) Length: 2 or 3 hours

“Let me tell you exactly what inspired me! I have always thought of Turkish music as a bit fast and somewhat chaotic but you made me see a totally different side of it, how grounded and earthy it really is. And how it can lend itself to flowing movements. ” 

(Anita Hoffman, Victoria, 2007)

VIVA ROMANI ! ! ! (Go Gypsy)

A daylong workshop exploring the passionate and lyrical stylings of Turkish Roman dance.

Part 1 Turkish Roman (Gypsy) Basics Learn expressive movements to 9/8 and 4/4 Turkish rhythms. An inspiring intro for beginners, a refresher for intermediate, advanced and experienced dancers. Length: 2 1/2 or 3 hours

Part 2 Turkish Jaz Focus on improvising and crafting dance to match the dramatic flair of Turkey’s master musicians Mustapha Kandirali, Burhan Ocal and others. Refine, expand, and elaborate on Turkish Roman techniques and ideas. Length: 2 hours  (4 1/2 hours for both workshops combined)