Vancouver Island Bellydance Showcase

Vancouver Island Bellydance Showcase

Saturday September 22, 2012 – Victoria-based OPA society celebrated the very best in our Island bellydance community!  Among the 6 mini-workshops, I taught a session on Turkish Roman dance.  I’ve listed some of my music resources and video inspirations in the Resources page “Turkish Roman workshop music and videos”

Workshop Descriptions:
10am -‘Layering Drills for Refined Technique’ with Candace Sanchez
Come on out and get your sweat on! Learn what muscles create what movement and how to implement different foot patterns with those movements. You will start the breakdown process of how to make multiple movements happen all at the same time.

11am -‘The Science of Shimmies’ with Pamela Ball
Technique to relax, ground and layer your shimmies while stationary or travelling for “shimmies that shine.”

12pm -‘Flamenco Fusion’ with Shari Nakagawa
This workshop will introduce flamenco arm and hand patterns, marking steps and skirt technique. Combinations will be taught to demonstrate how to layer this over bellydance hip movement. Be sure to bring a long skirt with you!

2pm -‘Kalbelia Sapera’ with Cathy Stoyko
Also known as Rajasthani ‘gypsy’ dance, this workshop will give you an introduction to this traditional folk dance from the Northern Indian state of Rajasthan.

3pm -‘Turkish Romani Style and Movement’ with Lynette Harper
Experience the vibrant, earthy Turkish style of Romani dance. Learn distinctive moves and phrasings that complement the sensuous and expressive qualities of Romani music – and may be blended with your own bellydance style.

4pm -‘Zills, Drills & Combinations’ with Bobbie
Since Egyptian style bellydance has increased in popularity over the American Cabaret style of the 1970s, playing finger cymbals has become somewhat of a lost art. At this workshop, you will learn some basic zill patterns beyond the “gallop,’ and coordinate those patterns with movement combinations.

Evening hafla featuring the workshop instructors and local dancers!
Doors at 7:30; Show at 8:00
Pay at the door:   $5 for OPA members; $10 for non-OPA members

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