Improvisation, skills and technique workshops

Improvisation, skills and technique workshops

Discover the joy of dancing in the moment. Develop your confidence and skills in movement, improvisation and creating choreography with techniques and exercises to expand your range of movement and expression in both traditional and currently popular dance styles.

Sample topics, appropriate for multiple levels:

Improvisation and Expression – Warm up with basic improvisation techniques, and develop your repertoire with improvisation strategies including: working with combinations, dance steps and techniques; creating dance phrases and combinations; shaping dance; dynamic energies; and traditional dance vocabularies. Learn techniques that will help you LET GO in your dance!

Enhancing Your DanceBuild on basic dance and improvisation skills by exploring inflections of mood and texture; creating coherence and meaning in your dance; working with symbols, characters and imagery; respecting regional styles; and more inspirations for dancing solo and with others.  Teaching level: Multilevel for students, dancers, and teachers.

Phrasing – Construct sequences of movements that create dance phrases, the “building blocks” of improvised dance and formal choreography. Develop your ear for Arab music phrasing, learn and experiment with short movement sequences, and use them to construct longer dances