Bekaa Valley Girls

Bekaa Valley Girls

Several excerpts from Bekaa Valley Girls, Lynette’s full-length collaborative creation with Rahma Haddad, presented in the Noon Dance Seriesat Vancouver’s Dance Centre, November 2009.


Duet with Rahma Haddad (part 1)

This segment recalls when Lebanese cousins Lynette and Rahma first met.  Though raised in different parts of Canada, they shared a family history of immigration and a deep love of dance.

Duet with Rahma Haddad (part 2)

This excerpt from Bekaa Valley Girls continues from Part 1.  Rahma presents Lynette with a hipscarf, and introduces her to belly dance.



In this excerpt, Lynette wonders if she has missed something in her western dance training.


ANTH 390D Arab Women in the Middle East and Diaspora

ANTH 390D  Arab Women in the Middle East and Diaspora

Anthropological perspectives   (offered May 2014; tentatively scheduled May 2016) A veil of mystery and stereotyping obscures Arab women’s lives in the Middle East and the global Arab diaspora. This course investigates Arab women’s dilemmas and perspectives on identity, faith, politics and representation through readings and discussion based on ethnographies and cultural studies. Examine gender/power… Read more…