Arab dance workshops

Arab dance workshops

TARAB – Arab music and spirit of the dance

Explore the soul and vitality of Arab music as inspiration for dance improvisation and choreography. Teaching level: Multilevel; works well for mixed levels beginner through advanced. Read review. Length: 2 or 3 hours

From Countryside to Cabaret: Egyptian Saidi and Raqs Sharqi styles

Build your technique, movement vocabulary, and understanding of two popular Egyptian dance styles. Discover the links between the informal village dances of Saidi, and the performance-oriented precision of glamorous Raqs Sharqi dance. Teaching level: Adaptable to any level, or multi-level teaching.  Length: 2 to 5 hours.

Zar: Dancing with Spirit

Zar is a type of spirit, an illness caused when spirits possess humans, and a ritual conducted to pacify the spirits. For Arab women, zar is not an exorcism but a way of “realigning” their daily world with the spirit world. Learn about the zar and its rituals, then explore traditional zar movements and their creative possibilities for dance performance. Options: May be accompanied by a lecture and a-v showing, and/or a folkloric dance choreography with the Egyptian song “Salamit’ha Um Hassan”.  Teaching level: Multilevel.  Length: 1 1/2 for basic introduction, movements, and simple choreography. Up to 3 hours with additional options.